Going extreme in Colorado

I love living in Colorado. It’s a wild, beautiful place, that’s still plenty close enough to enjoy big city events. One thing I think is neat is the transition from snow-sports, which is something many people think of first when they think of Colorado, to some of the warmer-weather extreme sports that are popular in the spring and summer. If extreme sports are your thing, I found a great article on Colorado.com that will let you know about a bunch of great events you can come out and participate in!

From their blog:

image via Colorado.com

image via Colorado.com

Colorado practically begs you to get outside and take advantage of all it has to offer. It’s also a great place for serious athletes to challenge themselves to ascend ever-greater heights — literally.

Each year, athletes show off their prowess in a series of mettle-testing, muscle-busting bike races, mud runs and other extreme Colorado competitions. If you want to suit up and jump in or watch from the sidelines, here are a few of the gnarliest extreme races across the state.

If you just want to work on your personal best, try out the Ride the Rockies event happening in June this year. This non-competitive bike ride leads 2,000 cyclists in a cross-state tour of the Rocky Mountains that highlights Colorado’s rugged scenery

If you’re REALLY looking for a challenge, the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run, Triple Bypass, and the Tough Mudder events might be more your speed.

Prefer to be a spectator? I don’t blame you!  🙂  Come out to see the GoPro Mountain Games or the 3rd Annual USA Pro Challenge.

And no matter where you’re heading to in Colorado this season, why not go there in comfort? Aspen 5 Star Limo can bring you to any of these events (not to mention a ton of other cool places) in luxury. Treat yourself before you kill yourself out there!