What do you look for in a limousine service?

Last year at the Regional Limousine Association convention, there was a panel discussion about what clients expect from their limousine service. After some discussion and soliciting ideas from the audience, this expert panel cited three main things that clients look for in a limo service:

Transparency in terms of limo rental prices and comfortable occupant capacity was one of the clients’ most important expectations, according to the panel. Many attendees mentioned receiving prices that were quoted on the phone and on limo companies’ websites that didn’t look much like the actual price paid for the limo rental at the end of the event.

Other attendees mentioned chauffeurs that talked and texted on their cell phones while driving guests, failed to treat their guests with courtesy and other examples of unprofessionalism. Secret shoppers hired by the limo rental industry even saw chauffeurs smoking outside their limos parked in front of churches while their wedding guests were inside – this is obviously unacceptable behavior. Panelists stressed the importance of chauffeurs being professional at all times during the limo rentals whether their guests were around or not.

Customer Service
Other attendees mentioned poor telephone etiquette, leaving clients on hold for long periods of time and staff members that were unable to answer simple questions as examples of poor customer service that alienated clients.

We have been providing Aspen limousine service for a long time now and have seen and heard of each of the incidents described above. Our difference? We strive for excellence. We take pride in what we do. Safety and comfort are our two priorities. Our drivers will go above and beyond to make sure that all of our guests expectations are met. We know our clients are looking for reliable safe and comfortable transportation, and our knowledgable drivers are the best at what we do. We’re on time, safe and professional.