Winter Vacation ideas in Colorado

winter vacation ideas in ColoradoI came across an excellent article today showcasing some great vacation ideas where you can experience some of Colorado’s western roots. Many people immediately think “snow” when they think about a trip to Colorado, but these are some great ideas that are a little different!

When you start peeling back Colorado’s layers, you’ll find a rich history connecting even the most seemingly unrelated facets of modern-day Colorado to lingering recollections of cowboys, miners and rough and tough mountain men. After all, it’s the mining industry that drove Colorado’s earliest days as a state.

You can experience these histories in old saloons, heritage festivals or museums. I was wrong in thinking the stock show was the only connection I had to the Old West. It’s easy to forget that some of my favorite hangouts (like the Ship Tavern at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver) have been in operation for more than 100 years and have a history of their own.

Experience the Wild West with some of the Colorado vacation ideas at

If one of these ideas sounds like your next perfect trip, why not make it one to remember? Luxury transportation to and from your airport and hotel creates memories that last long after you get home. We’d love to speak with you on how to make your trip to Colorado a special one.