Are you ready for the upcoming Colorado road construction season?

Being in the transportation business, you have to stay current on what is happening in your area, along with what is being planned for it. I read some great news on the Denver Post today that the Colorado DOT is planning some major bridge construction projects for the summer construction season:

“Some of the biggest road projects in the Denver metro-area planned for this summer include replacing bridges considered “structurally deficient” by a national builders group.

But just because the structures are sagging from age does not mean motorists shouldn’t drive on them, said Colorado Department of Transportation officials Tuesday.

‘We evaluate all of our bridges every two years, sometimes more often if necessary,’ CDOT staff Bridge Manager Josh Laipply said, ‘and even if a bridge is considered ‘structurally deficient,’ that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe, only that it is aging and we need to regularly inspect and maintain it.

‘We don’t allow the public to travel on bridges that are considered unsafe.'”

This is great news, because they’re taking good care of the roads many of us travel on daily. If you want to check out exactly what bridges they’ll be working on, take a look at the article from the Post here.

But, you have to know where they’re working and when, or it can really ruin your day.

Part of my job as a limo operator is to stay on top of delays, construction, and anything else that could pose a hazard to your travel! If you’d rather not deal with staying on top of the construction schedule, (or if you know you definitely don’t want to deal with driving through construction!), let a transportation specialist help you plan your trip – we handle the details and the stress so you can focus on whatever it is you need to do!